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Peace is the lack of conflict and fear of violence/war especially, when the species are eager to live and work together. The place/region or state of not being annoyed by unwanted problems or actions will remain in peace unless interrupted. A peaceful world requires of keeping the selfish interests apart to thrive the peace and harmony of a society. A simple example of such Society can be illustrated in a team, where the motive of the team is to win the match. So inorder to win peacefully, the players of the team will keep their personal interests apart and utilise their focus on the game, they work hard collectively and try their best in the game. So selfish personal interests are better to be kept off from the Society to do better and live peacefully.
Most of us want to live in peace and harmony, with our family, friends, neighbors or in our society. But unfortunately no one tries to start making peace, even though most of the people living in this world are religious, and the major religious books like Quran or Bible or Gita etc have focused on the peace and mentioned the peace repeatedly in their context. It is time to start making peace rather than just get yourself involved in violence.
As far as current scenario is analysed promoting and establishing peace in a society is a great challenge in itself. A human have to be first peaceful with himself, which requires the great deal of dedication and sacrifice. We can promote peace by being peace Volunteer’s, that is, by encouraging peaceful and good relationships and taking action in order to deal with violence, by becoming familiar with our society and the surroundings ecosystem. A peace volunteer must make a habit of helping other people in need, theirby promoting peace and harmony of the society. By waking up his and others insight, as for the insight of a human certainly slows down his anger and it is a beauty on his part to overlook an offence, be tolerant and must be eager to develop that insight and tolerance in himself. Peace begins with a smile, thrives up by the acts of kindness, such as love, patience and forgiveness. So it is completely dependent on us to live and let live peacefully by being peaceable upon all. It is time to not retaliate on being provoked and be willing to apologise on your mistake, no matter how small or big they are.
I being a normal person hailing from the District Baramulla have witnessed the extreme violence, yet still love the very human compassion. The violence which I witnessed during my life have not relieved me of that human compassion instead have made it stronger day by day for every person whether from my region, religion, caste, creed or colour, no matter such person is rich or poor. I believe in my heart that there are not multiple races but just one race, the race of human beings. Every prejudice or discrimination based upon the above mentioned factors forms the base of violence hence depriving humans of the right to live a peaceful life. The belief that each human has distinct or intrinsic attributes or that one human or group of humans whether collectively or individually is superior or inferior to another human or group of humans destroys the purpose of us being humans thereby challenges the very foundation of the peace. Every person who lives among us have the right to live peacefully, without being interrupted, unless that person engages in the violence. So the contemporary routine nature of some humans individually or collectively in groups to interfere in the everyday life of others due to their religion differences or due to their different habits must be condemned and steps shall be taken to stop such people from orchestrating violence. I think this beautiful life has been given to us by the almighty to enjoy every bit of it happily without being interfered into and to make the life of others also happy, we should try to live this life not as a person but as a personality.
God created us all equal and even the colour of our blood is same but unfortunately we humans forgot those basic lessons of humanity and indulged in violent methods of life. Being a human I am very much concerned and distressed about the ongoing situation in our region, where the powerful have always tried to suppress the weak, by use of unjustifiable force, by implementing draconian laws which have actually degraded them even below the animals. Living in Kashmir look like living in medieval ages where heinous crimes by powerful people go unheard of justice and peace have become a dream.
But still we the people of Kashmir are peace loving and sentimental which is evident from the words of a non-native, Ankit Panday NIT Srinagar student hailing from Lucknow, who after spending four years in Kashmir narrated the story of the peace loving Kashmiri people. On 5th Aug 2013, Ankit panday landed in Kashmir with his father for the very first time, and like other non-Kashmiri’s living in India he had a very different version of Kashmir inside him, which he had learned from the so called transparent and honest media houses, books and people of India, where he was taught to be cautious and vigilant while visiting Kashmir. ( Words of Ankit Panday NIT student from Lucknow after spending 4 years in Kashmir ) that on 5/8/15 i with my father landed first time in Kashmir for my admission, whatever i knew about Kashmir and its people only through media and my school books, i got lots of wrong suggestions about Kashmir, but when i came Kashmir and starting spending my time here then I realize that the suggestions which I have received from the people was totally different, during 2014 floods we had no food to eat, I went to Dargah Hazratbal to buy food items and I was shocked to realized that they sold food items to me and other NIT students at lower prices just so that we can have food, I don’t think this would have been possible anywhere in India as in other places of India even they would have taken advantage of you by selling you things at higher prices during a calamity like a flood, it could have been only in Kashmir that me and many of my friends survived 15-20 days on very less money. We also stayed at Kashmir University for 5-6 days during flood, the volunteers there looked after our accommodation and food during that period, we were around 1000 students from NIT Srinagar still the Kashmiri volunteers at university of Kashmir managed to arrange everything for us.
Another such statement given by a Hindu priest during his stay in Kashmir during the 2014 floods restores our faith in humanity and an akin statement recorded by few natives of Meerut who were in Kashmir during the unrest of 2016 and had met an accident in here, proved that, the compassion of Kashmiri people is above all others especially when someone is in dire need of help but unfortunately the selfish leadership of India and Kashmir will not recognise it, nor will the India’s media houses air such stories as they always look for violence in order to disturb the peace and harmony of this beautiful Valley. These media houses and politicians (The so called leaders) keep playing with the sentiments of Kashmiri people, keep dividing us on the basis of religion, castes, dirty politics etc thereby pushing the youth towards self destruction.
These leaders on one hand encourage the youth to pick up pen, paper and laptop to educate themselves but on the other hand same youth are being ruthlessly beaten and killed compiling all of us to drop the pen and paper and protest, as we cannot see our brothers and sisters being beat up in their collages by the armed forces nor can we see our youth being tied to a military jeep or being killed at point blank ranges. So the dream of us Kashmiri’s to live a peaceful life is taken away by those leaders through their powerful armies, reckoning the sacrifices of armed forces and ignoring the innocent blood of Kashmiri’s flowing in the streets of this beautiful valley. I know each and everyone of us is facing the same but I just could not bear it anymore in my heart, so it had to be told someday.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ( Maya Angelou )

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