Freedom Of Speech Is My Right

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“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” (George Orwell)
Freedom of speech is the right of people to express their opinions publicly without the interference of any third party. It is the right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government. When we talk about freedom of speech, Social media plays an important role because it is a large platform where people get to know each other, people share their views and opinions and express themselves in different ways. Social media is a platform to be yourself, to be creative, to be expressive and tell the world about your views without any restriction. and allows people to speak for their rights.

Social media sites give people a way of communicating because everyone has the right to say what they think and feel. There are some people who face difficulty while interacting with other people. but internet has given them the opportunity to say what they think is ethical or unethical. Having Freedom of speech does not allow people to use abusive language on social media. Most of the times when people get in trouble for saying something unprofessional or unethical they use their freedom of speech to defend themselves.
“Freedom of speech is not simply a freedom to think and say what you wish, but to speak for yourself, to speak from the heart, and to be accountable for your words”

Freedom of speech is one of our rights. By having free speech. there will be conflicts among people because each individual have different mentality. Different issues has aroused on social media e.g CRPF jawaan who requested PM in a video on social media / Palghar girls Mumbai Nov 2012: Shaheen Dhada & Renu Srinivasan were arrested when one of them posted a question on Facebook page that Why the city was shut down for Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray’s Funeral/ most of the Kashmiri’s students were arrested outside during unrest etc lots of the same incidents paid price for just because of writing/saying what they feel. In my region the Government have banned on social networks for a month, is it not against the law? Whenever any incident happens in Kashmir the Government suspends all the mobile networks and internet services first. Students raised their voice against security forces excessive and unlawful activities but the Government ordered to close all the institutions in Kashmir. This happens only in Kashmir. I hope one day they will feel bad/ regret for their actions.

We need to give space to other people so that everyone has equal right to speak. So we as human beings need to use freedom of speech in a positive way because it’s our duty to remove the negativity that people have in their minds by the power of speech.

“Without Freedom of speech there is no modern world, just a barbaric one”

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