Vision & Mission

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The mission and vision which we seek to define will come from dedicating ourselves to the people of India regardless of religion,caste,language and gender.This will give rise to nationalism that celebrates our national endeavor to create an India based on justice,freedom and opportunity.Thereby creating a nation that dignifies every human life. A nation whose patriotism is not defined by hatred towards anyone,but by a fellowship of service to ensure lives of dignity for all its citizens.
Our vision must be broad to ensure that it lets us imagine without boundaries.
Our main aim is as follows.

To implement and support quality development programs across India to empower individuals and communities belonging to the poor,marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society with special focus on women and children.

Help establish a human social order based on equality,freedom and justice in which every human right and dignity is upheld.

To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor of India.